Day 1|| The Blueprint

Part 1|| Release

My initial intention was for this year’s fast/journey to be public–so a bunch of us could “Unleash the Star People Within”– together. However, as the months/weeks/days caught up to today, I realized that in order to include folk outside of me in this gorgeous unfoldment, Imma need something more than a 1 sheet and some recipes. So I did as spirit guided, took my new moon bath last night, set my highest intentions for this month and change, made my @bevegan__ herbal infusion and chilled.

Sometimes we’ve got to release all the stuff we cling to that says we’ve got to always be striving. Even in our quest for deeper meaning in our lives and spiritual connection–we’re always striving. Because, goals. Which is fine, except when we’re persistently missing the point. Sometimes where we are is exactly where we’re supposed to be. Sometimes a food fast, is actually a soul feast. Sometimes all you need for a good release (to start 40 days of expansive transcendence) is a good cup of (bitter, yet delicious) tea. And so it begins…


Part 2|| Food Fast, Soul Feast–but Whyyyyyy?

Fasting has been done, prolly, since the beginning of indulgence. People fast for all sorts of reasons and truly, I’m not here to hash out why folk do. I can only say, for me, I’m fasting because I was called to. I’ve fasted a bit here and there throughout my spiritual journey. The beginning of the deep dive portion of my spiritual journey (just about 6 years ago), started with a 21 day elimination diet/cleanse, which for me, at the time, was very much like a fast. It changed everything for me from a food/spirit perspective.  I will also say, with some amount of emphasis, every time I’ve done a cleanse of any sort since then, I’ve undergone a transformational spiritual unfoldment of my very soul–to put it lightly.

My first fast was probably the hardest thing I ever did in my life. The detox symptoms I suffered through were real out here in these streets. It was also my first foray into juicing and drinking nutrient dense green smoothies. I figured out the hard way that I had very little idea how food works in the body and that even as a vegetarian, I ate horribly. I don’t actually believe there is a devil outside of us pulling our strings in any literal sense. But if I did, I would call him Fast/processed food. What we eat becomes our cells. Dead foods make for walking dead bodies and brains. Living, nutrient dense foods, makes for vibrant, jubilantly active bodies and brains. The zombie apocalypse is already here. Want to know why all of the literal crap is going on in the world–peep the food folk is eating. Anyway. I fast because I can. It’s a powerful reminder that I choose my outcomes. Crappy things have always existed. It’s our choice to partake in them. We are not sheep unless we choose it.

“But don’t you get hungry?” I’m asked. Yes. Some days I don’t drink enough water. Some days I don’t feel like making juice or a smoothie. Some days I look at the calendar like, “whet in the whet am I doing with my life right now?” Some days I’m afraid to start, because I’m afraid either I won’t finish–or I will. I’m always different on the other side– and I never know what that difference will be. But I’ve learned through many, many years of trying it my way… and then trying it the divinely guided way…that God’s idea of itself as my life is always way more gorgeous and amazing and miraculous than I could even dream to plan. So when spirit guides, I go.

“40 Days is a looooong time. Why not 21 or 30?” I’ve done 21 days. I’ve done 30. 40 Days and 40 Nights came from Jesus in the wilderness. Buddha too. It’s a tiny amount of time compared to all the days I spend sleep walking through my life, going through the motions. Being intentional and on my toes every day, for 40 Days, witnessing my life, feeling all the different things I feel, is actually refreshing AF.

“But don’t you feel tempted when people eat around you and you can’t?” I’m also asked. The short answer is DEPENDS. The long answer is NO. I’m not doing this because someone is forcing me to. I going as I’m guided. As I work out my life, The Life, the one we all share, too is worked out. Just by doing my part in this equation, something shifts in the universe that couldn’t have shifted if I didn’t show up. I’m not just fasting for me. I’m fasting for the all the souls who can’t or won’t or haven’t the inclination, the wisdom or the willpower. My work is never just about me.

“But isn’t it…hard?!” … It turns out, waiting till it gets dark out to eat solid food is really not that deep. I’m not actually being deprived. I’m not starving. I’m not suffering. I’m practicing delayed gratification of chewing. I can cook food for my daughter while I’m fasting and not taste it. I can and have been to banquets where folk are eating delicious, lovingly prepared meals–whilst I enjoy only tea.  I’m giving my body a break from having to spend all its energy digesting, so I have the energy to do other, potentially more powerful things with my day. I’m making room. I’m doing so many other things beyond feeling deprived or tempted. The blessing is that I do have food in the garden, the fridge and the cupboard to prepare a meal when it’s time for me to eat it.  I’m infinitely grateful for and actually paying attention to what I do have to eat. I send blessings out to those of our sistren and brethren all over the world and next door and right up the street who do not have that luxury.


Part 3|| The Blueprint

Now. This is my second year doing this fast. It is a work in progress. My goal this year is to nail down a process that is followable, in order to create a publishable guide (complete with resources and recipes) that I can continue to improve upon; and also so you and I can use it together when we do this fast in coming years.  The “one sheet” that follows is an update of the format I used last year. Yes. It seems like A LOT. It is. Some days its way too much to fit in a day. Especially with my kid and clients and life and stuff that comes up. That’s why it’s a blueprint. It can be broken down into two parts. The Basics and The Transformers. 40 Days and 40 Nights So I Can Be Great is designed to be about transformation rather than deprivation. It’s about expanding my idea of myself and what I believe is possible for my life. If I wanted to just do the fast, surely, just the discipline required to complete the journey (food piece only) would be transformative. What I’ve discovered though, is when we remove something from our experience or awareness, something else shows up in its place. My intention from the start is to be on the ready with what I want in my experience instead. Thus, there is a food fast and a “soul feast”.

This is a spiritual time for me–one of affirmation, prayer, study, fun, joy, practicing peace and connecting with the infinite and being so giving of myself–to myself– that I can be a gift to the planet. You only get to keep what you give away. By cultivating our gifts, talents and capacities and prophecizing our experiences by setting intentions… by seeking excellence in ourselves–we get to experience our greatness.  The world around us gets to experience it also. What a gift! So, no. I don’t always have to do every single of the things on the transformer list, but I do put in a good college try.

I always start slow, as to get a groove, and add on when I’m inspired and/or ready. I find, I always have room for more. I always have more to give. I think, often, we sell ourselves short. We do so much of the frivolous, we don’t actually know we can do the miraculous. By intending for it and putting the miraculous in action, we make it possible. We make US, as our highest selves, possible. Like everything else, it’s not about being perfect. It’s about being intentional through daily, earnest practice. You’re welcome to join me on the journey, to root me on, to try some of things here in solidarity for 1 day or 39. You are welcome to do whatever spirit moves you to do. My goal in writing it all out in this space, is to leave breadcrumbs for myself and for you about this path I’ve chosen– that can be looked upon, potentially, for years to come.

40 Days + 40 Nights (So I Can Be Great)

The Basics

  1. Fast: Sun up to sun down, I am fasting from solid food. I am welcome to enjoy herbal infusions, pure water, fresh fruit and veggie juices, smoothies, teas, and/or tonics. It is my intention to be inspired by what my body tells me it needs in how I choose to prepare my liquid sustenance. [This year my fast is herbal infusion intensive. I’m exploring a “parasite cleanse” herbal infusion for the first two weeks and then a “hair, nails and skin” herbal blend infusion for the second two weeks. The last 10 days I’ll be exploring a “women’s wellness” herbal blend infusion.]
  2. Break Fast: At sunset, I may enjoy any unprocessed, vegan, whole food, nutrient dense meals, snacks and treats I’m inspired to prepare.
    • Must be vegan—with the exception of raw honey. No dairy, no eggs.
    • No white rice, no white flour, no white sugar.
    • Nothing that comes in a bag or box or can (except well-rinsed beans, whole wheat pasta, and/or whole wheat (nasties free breadcrumbs/panko—DIY is an option).
    • Frozen okay.
    • No artificial food at all (be mindful of pre-packaged/preservative laden foods) The less toxins, the better.
    • Treats! Must be vegan, made from scratch and not made with any of “the whites”.
    • Eating this meal is not mandatory. It’s an option to eat solid food if I want/need to.
    • Yes! Eating out is an option, as long as the meal is in line with the above.
  3. Soul Food: I am reading a chapter of Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith’s Mind Fast, Soul Feast book–it corresponds with each day of the fast.


The Transformers

  1. Offering: 40 Days of Prays= As my gift to the transformation process, knowing that as I do the vital work of expansion in my life, ALL of life is expanding. With this spirit tone, my cup runneth over. From an overflowing cup, I can assist in someone else’s transformation, by holding the space for them through daily prayer. My intention throughout this 40 day journey is to write out daily affirmative prayers for whomever comes to mind in a “pray” book.
  2. Daily Rituals:
    • Movement every single day. I am committing to at least 20-60 mins of dedicated vigorous daily movement. (Kundalini Yoga Chakra series + TA Method)
    • Spend undivided time with Aubrei every single day.
    • Evening Reading (Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism, The Essential Earthman, Practicing the Presence)
    • Meditation every single day. 15-20 minute #StopDropandMeditate in the morning (M-F) and 15-20 mins at night before bed.
    • (Oil pulling every day upon waking)
    • Daily journal about the journey to be published on the Blog + IG picture/preview
    • Chronicle daily recipes
  3. Mandatory Minimums:
    • At least 1 massage and 1 colonic before fast is over
    • Do at least 1 fun thing I want to do every week
    • Practice something I want to master for 15-30 mins (daily) (French)
    • Be willing and open to try something or learn something new every single week (The Fire Starter Sessions Course)
    • Be willing to meet someone new every week
    • Be willing to do something that scares me should the opportunity arise
    • No redundancy (or going through the motions)—this process is about expansion and transformation!
    • Choose and  dedicate daily time to a Big,Big—A project (Something I’m bullshitting on/been on my spirit for a long while/think I can’t do/stretches my idea of myself) to be completed by the end of 40 Days (EH treatment and deck /SPTV+ SP, Inc.)
    • Celebratory event at the end? (Skydiving?)

Thank you for reading this and potentially joining me on this journey. I L.O.V.E. that you’re here–Living Our Vision Everyday.  I look forward to sharing my daily process on this blog, continuing to facilitate group meditations via Facebook Live and sharing what comes through from the ether via “When Fasting is Philosophy” on Instagram. Ask any questions you may have in the comments section below, will you?

Yours in Transformational Soul Feasting,