CLEAN 2012



Does the path of wisdom pass through the stomach?


And so. February is in the fast lane. You know what that means don’t you? Don’t you?! Nope, it has nothing to do with that silly day two weeks in that finds folk scrambling and in a panic about red, chocolate, and illogical jewelry preferences. I digress.


February, dear ones, is “National CLEAN the Gunk Out of My Insides” month! I mean, it’s actually African-American History Month. Same thing though. Sort of. Okay, one has little to do with the other. Except the fact that it should. But it doesn’t. But it should.


It is unfortunate that people of color have the worst statistics following them around. There are tons of them floating about– most of them we know by heart. The one’s about our general poor health, lagging education, incarceration, unemployment, morbidity, crime rates per capita, etc. and what have you. The most important statistic, however is this one:

That’s a lot of obesity. Plus, should you have no idea what that obesity actually looks like– check any twitter picture timeline throughout the day. There are plenty to be seen and made fun of… … … but that’s another post, for another day.


Last year around this time, I began a food journey that was one part social experiment and one part valiant excuse to buy a juicer. The whole thing began because I felt *uck* and I read a book by Dr. Alejandro Junger called CLEAN that told me how to get un-*uck*.  I chronicled my 3 week un-*uck*ing experience so that exactly one year later, I could look back upon my journey via my blog and be able to say: Why The Ffffff Did I Do That For?!


Anyway. I begin my 3 week CLEAN again on February 1, 2012. Feel free to join me as I un- *uck* … considering you probably missed the whole thing last year. No worries. I’ve attached every sordid episode of last year’s food journey to this post. *sticks tongue out*.

I Just Ate Shit and Now I Feel Like Shit to Prove a Point.

Planning to CLEAN

Preparing to CLEAN

Week 1: In the Beginning, There was *Cough*

Week 1: The Most Beautiful Thing Happened Today

Week 2: Becoming One of the Weirds

Ending Week 2: The Week of Reckoning 

Week 3: Reaching Goals (…the Wall)

Week 3: Finis…

There. They’re all in one place. Go on, read through the series. Decide for yourself to CLEAN. Get Dr. Alejandro Junger’s book. Hit me up on my twitter @QueenEnvy and let’s get this thing poppin, Feb 1. K? #Awesome!

The moral of this story? Ummmmmm. Can’t think of anything. Just some food for thought. Thank you for reading this though. Peace and abundant, *uck* free blessings! Love, -e-