I am Whole.


You are all things. Denying, rejecting, judging or hiding from any aspect of your total being creates pain and results in a lack of wholeness.

-Joy Page


Living an authentic life based on the idea that you start out whole-is complicated, to say the least.  The funny part is, it’s only complicated because the lot of us were born into families of a broader society that believes that we were born of and as sin. There’s also an inherent premise that women are succulent temptresses that caused this original sin to start. It’s a fuckery opera if ever there was one. If only because all people that exist presently come from women. If women are to blame for us all being so sinful and thus, “out of favor”, and male folk are the hapless victims of said womanly succulent temptressing and etc., welp,  it explains so much doesn’t it? It explains why so many people have such dastardly ideas that inform the function of our society. It explains why we, collectively, seem so disjointed.

But this post, isn’t about rifts. It’s about wholeness.  Let me say with as much emphasis as a person can- I am not here to convince you that your belief system is flawed or creates a clusterfuck of a conundrum that is probably the cause of most of your conflictedness about-well-EVERYTHING. I’m not here to do that to you at all. Believe what you want boo. In the paraphrased words of the late great patron saintress of telling it like it is (my dearly departed grandmother Helen) “I will fight to the death for you to have the right to express any faith you choose. The rub is that you’ve got to do the same for me.” So I’m not here to argue with you about what you believe. My role in this conversation is to give you options on your journey.

Belief is flexible. It evolves. It’s quantifiable through action. We can at least agree that our belief systems inform our experiences. In essence, what you believe, turns up as life experience. Which, continues to inform your belief system. So like if say, you believe the Earth is flat, your awareness is going to look for evidence of this. And when evidence, skewed, of course, around your belief system turns up, you say “see, told ya the Earth was flat!” Despite its truth or falsehood, your belief creates experiences that inform your belief-which forms your belief. Let that sit in your mid neck region for a sec. So. If this is true, that means whatever you believe will, in essence, create reasons for you to believe it.

And so my question for you today is, what if you believed that you are whole already? What if you believed that you start, not as inherited sin, but as a unique emanation of the presence of God? What changes? Do you stop trying to fill the holes you believe you were born with? I mean, you are whole, right? This is exactly what we explored in this meditation. The mantra presented by Charles F. Hannel is,

I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.

This is a beautiful reminder that if we choose to believe the best in us, the best in us will be expressed -not only in our expression, but in our experience. Which literally changes everything. Even, potentially, our beliefs…the cipher is real. 🙂

In the coming weeks I will continue to share the daily meditations I host on FB Live via Youtube and here in this space. Feel free to share how these meditations are impacting your life on a daily basis in the comment section. #ComeGetFree

Lovianhal Friend!