Caribbean Curry Butternut Squash Soup

Serves 8-10 Star People
immersion blender or high speed blender
Prep time
Cook Time
1h 30m


Snow, y’all. It’s December and snow is upon us. So that means it’s soup season yo. When it gets cold, and the weather outside gets frightful, we want warm food that’s easy going down and that nourishes the body and the soul. This here soup, just about covers it.  It’s sweet and savory and versatile and just flipping yummy. It also has some unexpected ingredients that one may not expect in a winter soup. The Caribbean flavors will send your tastebuds to a tropical island, while the fresh turmeric root will keep you cozy wherever you are.  I will say with some amount of emphasis, that this soup was a total creative journey, if only because I ventured way outside of how I usually prepare my butternut squash soup. But, honty. It’s so, so, so worth it. Bonus: whilst I was playing with flavors, I came up with a gorgeous first course that will add a Blackety Black turn up to your holiday entertaining menu. Don’t. Play.   Kwanzaa season is upon us.