Star People Flu Shot.

Serves 1 Potentially Ailing Star Person
Prep time

The Hawk. The Brick. The Nip. Whatever you call it, tis the season for the chill in the air to start creeping up and through to the bones and such. It’s the kind of jawn that thick blankets don’t cure. Otherwise known as catching a chill. Otherwise known as catching a potential (cold) or (flu) or (bug). Otherwise known as *Ugh*. Of course, even if you’re plant-based dripping and drink plenty of green juice, and you “never get sick”, every now and again, your body don’t right care what you do, say or think. Every now and again, we get got. So we bring out the “nip it in the bud” guns. And by guns, I mean high octane juice in a shot glass. And by shot glass, I mean a double shot glass. Lemme just say, this here concoction packs so much, muchness that you best be bed ready (and by bed ready, I mean darn near in it) and ready to sleep after you take it. Don’t Play.  You’ll thank me later. Promise.