Crazy Easy Game Night Pulled “Pork” w/Thee Actual Bomb Kale Slaw

Serves 2-4 Star People (can be modified to work for any crowd)
Prep time
Cook Time

Those of us who are boycotting the NFL for the foreseeable future (or just don’t give a hoot to start) might still like “game night” food. First of all “game night” food is fun. It’s easy to throw together. It’s not fussy and it makes folk happy.  Game night food = happiness. Now.  Also. Game Night doesn’t even really need to include television sports. Game night could logically include Uno, tarot readings, monopoly marathons, Wii (or Just Dance) tournaments and/or a mixture of all of these things. So you’ll be hangry. And you’ll need something easy, cute and satisfying for all the folk present–vegan and mouth breathers alike . This here sammy is for whatever your vibrant game night looks like in your head.  And leftovers (if there are any) are splendiferous. Easy, cute and satisfying… my God.

Yo. May I also say?…it’s been so long since I’ve had “the other white meat” (or any meat for that matter–all puns intended) I honestly don’t remember what pulled pork is supposed to taste like. Is it supposed to be sweet from a rocking BBQ sauce? Is it supposed to be savory and juicy and full of flavor–bc the kale slaw is Will it win the hearts and minds of those who swear vegan food is gross? If this here is supposed to be any of those things and a few more that you come up with yourself, then yes–the other white meat can retire forever. Here’s to game days and nights and morning afters that are utterly delicious, plant-based, nutrient dense, “for the culture”-worthy and cruelty-free. Go Team! *fists up*


Note: This recipe can be adjusted to feed as many faces as you have over. I made a two person spread, but I’ve made the range of this recipe 2-4 bc I felt like it. K. Also, those are sriracha chickpea puffs on the plate too. Soooo good.