Blackety Black Chocolate Cake.

Serves 8-10 Star People
8" or 10" sheet cake pan, hand mixer
Prep time
Cook Time

Maybe it’s me…but chocolate cake doesn’t oft photograph well…unless it’s fancy and layered and somebody spent hours of their lives doing pretty ish with their ingredients. This isn’t that cake. I whipped this hot tail together in mins, threw her in a $ store sheet cake pan and caught up with “This Is Us” whilst she became as she was designed. Needless to say, this is a zero fuss kind of cake. It’s also not made with any dairy, eggs, or white sugar (the frosting has some powdered sugar but oh, well). Everything you see here: deep, dark, extra blackety black ultra moist dark chocolate cake and extra dark, blackety black better than buttercream frosting–is made with avocados. And it’s everything a chocolate cake is supposed to be and then some–with pure, organic mineral rich cacao sprinkled on top. Also, once it’s frosted, it’s decadent like a dark chocolate truffle. I wouldn’t exactly call this cake healthy, per say. But it shawl is plant-based and nutrient dense. Which is much better. You’re welcome. Also, with the holiday party, pot luck, Kwanzaa and Sagitarrius seasons briskly approaching–this Blackety Black cake is a great go-to when you feel like showing out cause you showed up. Huey would be proud.

This is the cake recipe I use when I make my red velvet cupcakes. I add some red color paste to the batter, switch out the blackety black frosting with a vegan cream cheese jawn, sprinkle with cocao nibs and *fists up*.


Inspired by Crafting Cooking Mama’s recipe…  Thanks Mama!