Voice WERK.

Heeeeey Star Peoples! Lovianhal (This means ‘Light the LOVE in ALL’ remember?! You know, from The Stellar Trilogy books…)  Anyway. Thank you so abundantly for being here!  “Here” is my Voice Acting portfolio. Allow me to humble brag for a sec, shalt we? I have had the honor of voicing scripts, producing audio and writing commercial copy for HUNDREDS of brands and THOUSANDS of projects from all over the world—WOW, right? Would you believe I do it all from my home studio? I do. Cause I’m gangsta. Not really. Cause I’m a Boss. *jazz hands*

From radio and television commercials to audio books, online courses and explainer videos, my specialty is performing copy and crafting audio with personality and style.
Look who I’ve WERKed with (super short list):
Nielsen•  Tweezerman • Marriot Vacations • Even Earphones • Marquee Rewards • Boscov’s • Macy’s • Giant Food Stores • Goldilocks Bakeshop • University of Pennsylvania • THAMRO • Optimizers • NO Campaign • Vision Express • Ed4Online • Small Business Academy • FreshDresk • The Life Stylist • Speedy Green • Millenial Mail •  Crest Insurance Group • Planned Parenthood • Harvest Time Tax Services • Auka • Complete Intelligence • Utmana Ebola • The City of Allentown • The One Concert • 247TheSound • Back2Africa Imports• Wake Brand Media • Booth Busters •WDNA 88.9 FM • Financial Potion • Home Focus • Baton • Absolute Dental • Kiki Vodka • And many, many, many more!


Voice WERK Services:

  • TV/Radio Commercials
  • Narration/Audio Books/Audio Blogs
  • Explainer/Animation/Whiteboard/YouTube Videos
  • Tutorials
  • Online Classes
  • Promos/Drops
  • Smartphone Apps
  • Guided Meditation
  • Recorded Affirmations
  • Phone Systems/Voicemail
  • Pretty Much anything else not listed here too…

My clients are really flipping awesome! Sometimes they send me links to their completed projects, so I can see (and hear) how they’ve used my voice! You’re welcome to check out some of the cool stuff I’ve done recently. All you’ve got to do is  scroll down. Easy peezy quinoa and cheezy.


Animated Series

I am Veti.


Episode 19: The Quick and the Dead

I am Jenna Kiss.

Episode 38: This Way Comes 

Character: one of the witches…


Explainer Videos


App4Sales Explainer Training Series:

You can check out the entire series here.




Allentown has certainly changed over the past few years. We wanted to create something that reveals the transformation that has occurred. This short film captures heart, spirit and character of this City as it continues to be transformed. We have a long way to go but have made so much progress that we can celebrate. #transformation #upside #allentown #nextchapter

Posted by Upside Allentown on Friday, January 29, 2016

The ONE Concert Teaser (2015)



Phone/Answering Systems

Audio Pitches/Blogs

Write WERK Services:

Many of my clients not only need voice WERK, they also need the copy written. Turns out, I’ve got the write stuff. Get it? Hehehehe. Meh.

    • Creative Commercial Copy+voicing+production
    • Promos (audio and video)
    • Bios
    • Press Releases
    • Recipes
    • Articles
    • Testimonials
    • Etc.

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