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Thursday, January 23rd, 2014

Dear Richard Sherman… You Are Good.

King Rich

      Dearest Richard;   You know, it took me more than a few days to figure out what I wanted to write about this week.  I’ll be honest, too.  I really, honestly could give two wooden nickels about American or International football. It’s not my sport. My sport is reading. And crafting crafts. And headstands of the yoga variety. And maybe growing stuff that doesn’t usually like Northeastern weather. I overstand that none of these things make billions of dollars for organized leagues and so they may not be considered “sport”. I also don’t care.   So. When I came across your story, Richard Sherman, Cornerback for the Seattle Seahawks and target for way too much social media ire; I was compelled to figure out what the fuss was about. I was compelled to care about football, its players and its fickle fans for more than passing amusement… and long enough to figure out why folk found their target in you.  Turns out, in all my reading and sifting through other folk brain farts for the last several … Continue reading

Monday, January 13th, 2014

Dude. The Series. Part 1: “Friend Zone” Fuckery


You choose at every moment whether to exhibit the idea of power or not. But heed the idea that while you may think that certain actions show power–the true demonstration of power is awareness, compassion and the lightest possible touch. That which has the greatest power, requires the lightest possible touch to get something done. A great deal of pushing comes from those who feel powerless–that feel they must manipulate and push things into the direction they wish them to go. Those who already know they are part of the infinite…those who already know there is no power greater than the one they are already a part of, need not exercise a demonstration, for they know in their allowance all things fall into place. That allowance is the greatest power that can be reflected to anyone else. ~Bashar   Who came up with the term “friend zone”? I really would like to know so that I can go to this male person’s house and karate chop him in the neck part of his throat. Seriously. I do not subscribe to … Continue reading

Wednesday, December 18th, 2013

My Top 5 Birthday Reflections 2013

don't keep calm

    I haven’t sat down to write one of these since 2009. I wasn’t going to attempt it this year either. When I sit down to reflect these days, I like to do it privately. I’ll typically have my journal in hand, my zafu and zabuton pretty close by–just in case– and some sage to smoke out the funky energy stuff. I did a good bit of that yesterday, so today I’m like meh. I’ve learned so so so so much this past year and I’ve been viewing today as a sort of reset. Like, today is day 1 of something magnanimous. I can also say with some amount of emphasis, I’m currently in the tail end of a total life purge. Like. Total. I can’t think of a single thing from my old life that is still breathing or hasn’t been looked through, sorted, and/or removed altogether. Not one single thing. AND considering that soooooo much has happened since my last birthday, it makes sense that I reflect a bit on what I’ve learned from where I’ve been, that’s … Continue reading

Monday, November 18th, 2013



I had a very interesting conversation the other night. I was talking to this guy I know. We were bickering, I guess, about the prospects of continuing our brief, albeit temperamental relational journey. After we continued to bicker about details in our equally strong points of view, I found myself saying out loud: “It’s cool. You don’t “get” me and that’s okay. There isn’t anything I can change about that. The only thing I can be is who I am. I really don’t think we’re a match… and that’s okay.” I thought that was a fair assessment under the circumstances. I wasn’t being nice or mean. I was stating facts. Keeping with the candid nature of our conversation, I was rightly expecting him to say, “Girrrrl, you ain’t never lied.” I was expecting we’d agree to say hi amicably should we cross paths and that maybe we could build the kind of friendship that didn’t require either of us to bend our points of view of things.   This is what I got instead, “Seriously though, I think your match … Continue reading

Friday, November 15th, 2013

You WILL Be Tested.


I’ve been pondering what this little ditty is designed to offer by way of insight for at least the last week. “You WILL Be Tested” has been ringing in my ears like one of those gongs that nobody knows how to make shut up. I’m not saying this is a good or bad thing. I’m just saying it won’t shut up. Normally, I’ll hear a post idea in my head and I’ll know pretty instinctively what I’m supposed to write about. The post can transform a lot from start to finish, but generally, I have a mental map of where I’m headed. Sometimes a title comes to mind and not much else at that time. In these cases I’ll entertain what the title may mean for me and/or look particularly closely at the things happening in my life to see if what I’m designed to write about has already happened or is on route. I tend not to stress about it either way. I know whatever it is that’s supposed to come out will find her way when she’s ready. … Continue reading

Thursday, November 14th, 2013

Struggle With the Knot


There’s a song by Nikka Costa that I love. It’s called Push & Pull. The lyrics go like this: Mr. Nothing’s got a lot. He’s got a lot to say. He’s good at being what he’s not. Gives nothing away. Another day goes on by. And he never speaks his heart. He takes his chance with what he’s got. It’s too late now to stop. You push and you pull and struggle with the knot. It’s tying you up while you’re fadin’… You give and you take and take what you got. Round and round’til it breaks and you push and you pull and struggle with the knot. It’s tying you up while you’re fadin’ into your lie.   The song reminds me so much of a woman I know and love dearly. She’s struggling with her own knot, which causes her to act out in what we’ll call “hurt people hurt people” behavior. She’s persistently angry at something she can’t see. There’s a lie she tells herself about her life that’s got her bound to it. You know this … Continue reading

Thursday, October 3rd, 2013

#MakeItYOSelf #RoseWater Update!

photo (10)

  But Wait! There’s more!! I’ll admit I’ve been obsessed with rose water since I made my second batch last week. For whatever reason, I found the mason jars that I stored my rose flavored quasi hydrosols to be cumbersome and inconvenient for toner purposes. I wasted way too many cotton balls as to not double dip and plus mason jars are for deodorant, toothpaste and smoothies in my head. So I got to thinking. Maybe the thinking process happened because I’ve fallen on my head too many times to count via my inversion practice– but whatever the reason my brain was gurgling overtime last night, I came up with a really awesome idea on my own that I actually didn’t invent.  I thought, if rose water is so great and moisturizing for skin, maybe it’ll be the same for my hair. So without doing any research at the time, I put a mason jar full of rose water in the spray bottle I use to spritz plain water to style Aubrei’s hair in the morning.  Last night was hair … Continue reading

Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013

#MakeItYOSelf Curiously Awesome Goods: How To Make #RoseWater

rosewater title

    I make a lot of my own stuff. We’ll call said stuff Curiously Awesome Goods. Anyone who knows me knows that I make my own deodorant and toothpaste and preserves and lip balm and such. Soap… soon. Anyway. So now we can add rose water to the list of all the toiletries I make myself. What can I say? My skin has about zero tolerance for toxins.  So as I was doing my natural toner research, I came upon rosewater. East Indian women have been extolling the benefits of rose water for eons.  Not for nothing, there’s a lot of great skin walking around out East.   So then I was like–I wonder if I can make rose water myself. And alas, I can. I suppose then the question becomes, why would I want to? Beyond because I can.  Well, according to the Discovery Health website:   “One of the main benefits of rose water is that it acts as an anti-inflammatory, soothing irritated skin [source:Scirrotto]. Some people also use roses as a rich source of antioxidants, which … Continue reading

Thursday, September 26th, 2013

#TBT Revisiting I AM Beautiful.

senior pic

    Throwback Thursdays are not actually my favorite thing. Look. I may catch the nostalgia bug every now and again, but unless there is some life lesson from my past knocking me over the head, I like to leave my past behind me as a practice. Don’t get me wrong. I love seeing pics of what YOU looked like in high school and such. But whatever. Meanwhile. For whatever reason, I was going through some old pics. It started with my admiring how cute my Aubrei looked in her school photo. Hon-tee. I remember vividly not ever looking cute in my school photos prior to senior year in H.S. Most of it was about having a crusty, under-developed self-esteem–which I’m sure I’ll get to sharing about at some point. But that point is not today. So, because I talked up my senior photo yesterday, I decided to post it for shits and giggles–plus the memories for me that surrounded it. Just getting my braces off. Wearing my dad’s hat and over-sized blazer. Thinking I was Lisa Bonet and such. … Continue reading

Tuesday, July 16th, 2013

Press!!! #TheStellarTrilogy

dogs love my book

    Luckily when I woke up on a groggy, heat choker that called itself parading as a Monday, I actually woke up to two more 5 star book reviews. Which is awesome. My favorite part? “Envy McKee, media personality, celebrity of consciousness, and spiritual diva…” So. Read this, share it and if you haven’t already, read The Stellar Trilogy, Book 1: Among Us!     A star is reborn with Envy McKee’s new book, Among Us from The Stellar Trilogy.   07/15/2013 Envy McKee, media personality, celebrity of consciousness, and spiritual diva, has burst on the literary scene like a supernova with her new book, Among Us.  The good news is that this is just the first book in The Stellar Trilogy.  The bad news is we have to wait for the next two, because if the vibrant and fascinating world that McKee penned is any indication, we’re in for a rocket ride through her universe, and the psyche of her main characters.  In an age when sci-fi books can tend to be stale or somewhat formulaic, I was ecstatic to dig into her … Continue reading