The Quiet Part Out Loud

Hi SOUL Hi!  Lovianhal! 


Heyyyy! How you? I’m glad you’re here. I’m here too! I love you. 

We at the tail end of February’s lil short self. We made it to fourth Friday. Whew this month has been rocking my world. I’ve been practicing my resonant truth–being heard from my heart. You?

Quick story. We live in Utica, NY. Aubrei (the teen) got her braces in PA. Dr. Kellyn Hodges. She’s amazing. Anyway, the teen is like 2 appointments away from being braces free. But getting back and forth to Bucks just for appointments when Breezy had a full schedule of basketball was definitely NOT a thing. Basketball is now over, Praise Neith! *happy dancing from my soul* Our intention is to have her out of her braces come Spring break.
Life has been so lifing. 
I didn’t realize Aubrei was on winter break this week. So I called Dr. Hodges office to see if they could squeeze her in this week, and they could. But it was for Monday. So we jumped through some hoops to make it happen. The drive from Utica to Bucks is a trek, but it’s not brutal with the right soundtrack–which I have. 

Breezy had her appt.  Whilst in PA, I realized I had to get my driver license pic taken pronto. This is important for later. (Also, Remind me to tell you the story of how at 8:30 am there was a line outside and up the street of the DMV, but by the time I finished meditation/prayer and I got out of the car, there was no line.) Anyway, All was well. Got my photo. We got on the road headed back to NY, a little later than I wanted. But I didn’t fret, I have like 2000 songs on my phone. The shuffle feature had me mentally back on the yard at HU jamming on the one the entire ride– until.

I was driving a bit too brisk, listening to Shai. Or Deborah Cox. I can’t remember which. By the time I saw the State Trooper, it was too late.
A Star Sis hasn’t gotten pulled over in over a decade. And yet, I had no energy around fret at all as the officer walked up to the car. In fact, I had joy, joy. And not that fake joy. The playlist was that good. Must have been Deborah Cox. I was super relaxed.
The officer was all, “You were driving super fast. I just need your license.”
And I was like, “No worries. How are you today?”
You could see the man physically gag. “What’s that now?” He asked, his brain trying to wrap around general authentic kindness toward him.
“How are you today?” I repeated, same vibe. 
“Oh. I’m good.”
Aubrei helps me pull my bag from behind my seat. I pull out and unzip my wallet. I hand him my license with a bright smile, telling him, “It’s a new picture, just got it taken this morning.” 
“Ok.” He says awkwardly. “Let me see what I can do.”

He took my license, and walked back to his vehicle. Whilst he fiddled around in his car, I answered a phone call whilst simultaneously saying in my head “I love you, I apologize, Please forgive me, thank you.” –gently.
Within a few minutes, the officer returned with a sheet of paper that said, essentially, “slow down sis”. He told me it was a warning and there were no points and to have a nice day. And off we went in love. The officer was not Black. His last name was Splendido. Anyway, I put my music back on and Breezy and I drove home bopping, but this time with a bit less lead in my foot. 

I have long been a practitioner of treating people the way I want to experience them. Understanding that people can only respond to me the way THEY are. Does that make sense? I treat people the way I AM. They treat me the way THEY are.  And I also believe that the universe is persistently conspiring on my behalf. Even whilst being pulled over whilst simultaneously bopping to my jams. 
I chose joy.
And joy
was in the car with
as us
the whole ride.
Did joy keep me from getting a ticket? Why, yes. I believe it did.
My resonant truth.
The quiet part I said with my heart.
Was heard out loud.

And so tonight, as we cap up this month’s #shiftprompt about BEing HEARD, we’ll be chatting about how when WE walk the world with our resonant truth–the world changes, and so much more with some of our gorgeous Starfolk University staff:  Bunmi Moses, Dean of Luminosity, Meredith and Tavis, Deans of Indigenous Education and new to the WuWu Metaphysical Studio, Jerri Bossett, Agape Licensed Spiritual Practitioner shalt all be joining me and Jordan in the WuWu Metaphysical Studio Tonight, Join us tonight 7-10p on WURD!

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“So it is when we build anything new, whether
physical structures or the social fabric of a community. It can feel like
we’re drowning in an ocean of blues, but when the pain and anger
rip into sound, a ‘blues-soaked world, a planet where catastrophe
and celebration—joy and pain—sit side by side’ . . . our individual
blues can turn into music.”-Ruha Benjamin, Viral Justice: How We Grow the World We Want

 You can listen live with this link and/or on the WURD App. We ARE Live on the FB Live OR  Twitch too tonight!

Per usual, in EVERY single thing we do, the intention is transformation. And well moisturized legs.

Pssst! This month our #shiftprompt is:

The Art BEing HEARD 


(Some HEARD sh*t)

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