You Are Thee Sh*t.

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Own it. You are the shit. Say it out loud a few times. I am the shit. I am the shit. I am thee shit. Feels good don’t it? Yes, it does. Know why? Because somewhere deep inside of you, no matter what you’re dealing with or how long you’ve been dealing with it, you know that underneath, probably below the pile of BULLJANK you keep telling yourself like, say, I dunno, I am not enough. I can’t do it. I can’t do it without (insert whatever it is). I don’t have enough (insert whatever here). I’m too old. I’m too young. I’ll do it when (insert whichever mythological time or event in the future here). I’m too busy. I’m too lazy. I’m too tired. I’m too scared. I’m too good for that. Blather on with any of the above lines of thinking and/or feel free to add your own here ________. I’ll wait.

Done? Good. Cause that, my boo, is the bulljank. And as I was saying before I got caught up in the bulljank, underneath of all the hot mess and fockery you have to tell yourself to NOT do what you were born to do, is the actual truth. You are the shit. The bomb diggedy. A catch. The bees knees. Divine. A gorgeous spirit walking around in a meat suit. And thank Yeezus you are because we need you out here in these streets being awesome. Mostly because, without you, someone would be missing a muse of what’s possible when we live up to our potential, yes? So say it again if you will, but this time with some feeling:

I AM THEE SHIT. I am whole. I am perfect. I am strong. I am powerful. I am loving. I am harmonious. I am happy. I am living my life the best way I know how and I am open to my infinite greatness. Oh yes, I am great. Like Tony the Tiger Grrrreat! I know this because the GOD that created everything beautiful and wonderful that ever existed, don’t make no junk. I am the kind of awesome that only comes around once in my lifetime. This lifetime. My life. I promise myself right now that I’m going all in with this life. I’m showing up to be seen, to be heard and to make a difference. I’m here to contribute my unique gifts to this Earth plane in the way only I can. I’m going to rock somebody’s world in the process, damn right I will. Right now. Today. Prepare to get rocked, world. You know why? Cause I AM THEE SHIT. Period.

Now rewind that last bit (on the companion audio) and say the whole lot over and again as many times as it takes for it to sink into your mid neck (or your third eye) region. Do it for your sanity. For some odd and infinitely strange reason, in this particular world, we look down on people who show enough courage to like themselves. All hell breaks loose when we show genuine love and affection for our own damn selves and the work we put in to exist. We’re quick to call people arrogant or to shame folk into being “more humble” when they toot their own horn or don’t feel like down playing their own victories and excellence. What’s that saying? Closed mouths don’t get fed. Now don’t get it twisted. There is a difference between confident and arrogant. Confidence is just as much of an energy state as anything else. It’s a glow, like Leroy Green in The Last Dragon.Genuinely confident people are tuned in to their greatness. We each have our way of expressing such things, but that doesn’t negate our understanding  that when we show up, we show up as the face of God. Our greatness is a given on account that the source of all greatness has us in play and we know it. Our work is divine and the world needs to know about. So we shout about it and share what we know. Our actions and how we show up in the world and talk about what we’re up to (or not) is a part of our divine PR package. We lose nothing by being great and tooting our own horn too.

Meanwhile, a genuinely arrogant person is more like Sho-Nuff. They have an energy too, it just doesn’t feel much like a glow. What I’ve learned is arrogant people are really genuinely insecure people that haven’t turned on their self-love gene yet. They try to bully you into thinking the’re great–whether they are or not is speculative, but the energy is distinctive. It feels forced. YOU. WILL. THINK. I’M. GREAT. OR ELSE.  Which means they prolly don’t really think they’re that great, but if you do, okay. They’re really fishing for attention and affection and even connection from others because they haven’t gotten the memo that all the things they’re fishing for, they already have. They don’t have to take it from anyone else. You can’t take LOVE and affection anyway. Either you know you have it or you don’t. Energy ain’t lunch money. Duh. We are each the instrument through which GOD works, whether we choose to acknowledge it or not. It’s hard to be arrogant when you get that, but I’ll digress.

Look. I know we’re taught that in order to be truly great in the eyes of whomever, and not be misconstrued as Sho-Nuff, one must do awesome, incredible things and then lower our eyes about it. “Awww, it was nothing. I mean, I did bust my ass for a thousand years to get here, but it was, really nothing.” We practically apologize for our contributions so we don’t make a spectacle or step on anyone’s toes.  Fark that. I’m all for thanking all the souls that worked WITH you to get somewhere, nobody does anything worthwhile allllllll by themselves. But it’s time we struck a deal that we get to take some credit for our success too. It’s time we get to honor ourselves as much as we honor our peers in the struggle. It’s time we struck a deal that walking the planet with our chins up and our light on and our tongues wagging about all the great we are is okay in 2015. I’ve come to the conclusion that the only people who don’t like confidence are the ones who ain’t confident and so they’re uncomfortable with folk who express such things out loud (and not just in the bathroom mirror when no one’s looking). Fark that too. You’re the shit. You can only see the world through the same lens you see yourself. Life is great. Greatness is great. The more of us who are willing to stand in our greatness, knowing precisely where that greatness is sourced and so we shout about it, the better. Don’t shrink yourself or your accomplishments. Don’t apologize for other folk ego/pain body issues. Turn up the light!  A wise person said once, You are not here to fit in. You’re here to stand out! Be big! Be bold! Be you!  Save all that faux humble for the award shows. GOD made you great dammit in real life. Why else would you be here? To be meh? I don’t think so. So show up. Be great. Then shout out to the mountaintops I AM THEE SHIT! I AM THE INSTRUMENT THROUGH WHICH GOD WERKS! Then go out and WERK that shit. K?

Yours in Owning Your Infinite Awesome,


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