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Friday, April 18th, 2014

Be Impeccable With Your Word. When you get a chance…

the four agreements

    Happy Friday! Hellooooo! Welcome to another winning week of awesome. Yay! *Faints* Again. I was first introduced to The Four Agreements more than several years ago. If you happen to not have heard of it, it’s written by Don Miguel Ruiz and it’s awesome. I totally recommend it.  I can’t remember how I found it, or who introduced me to this series of awesome, but I’ll tell you Toltec Wisdom is the bomb.   I was rather forced to revisit The Four Agreements this week because a mirror of my behavior was forced in my face. It happened over last weekend, actually. I had several events I overbooked myself for as it was,  so when I caught up with an old friend–which turned into an excursion I hadn’t planned properly for–my whole event schedule got suspect. By the time all was said and done, I had to be somewhere jazzy and I was OUT OF TOWN on the fly. To make a long story short, I ended up missing an event, I said I would attend not planning … Continue reading

Friday, April 11th, 2014

Bulljanking Has Its Purpose…Too.


Bulljanking Has Its Purpose…Too. Happy Friday! Hellooooo! Welcome to another winning week of awesome. Yay! *Faints* I hear often about how people like to tell other people that procrastination is the devil. I don’t agree. I think that procrastination, when used properly, can be somewhat of a mental vacay–and it is kinda–you ain’t doing nothing anyway. So.   I think procrastination gets a bad rap because–as with most good things–people use it to the point of ridiculousness. And then wonder why their lives suck. Honestly, anything in moderation can be good for you. Like cake. A piece is yummy, the whole lot is gluttonous.   I say all of this because this week has been a holy hot mess of stuff I had to do. I accomplished most of it–all of it was related to Book 2 release + 10 other things I would love to no longer have on my plate…  I will say though by the time I got to today, I was literally looking at my computer screen like whuh? You want me to write whuh? A blog … Continue reading

Saturday, April 5th, 2014

Go On! Get Your Hopes Up!

other women

  Growing up I was always told somewhat indirectly and sometimes very directly, not to get my hopes up. Don’t get too excited Envy, you don’t want to set yourself up to get hurt. Which was such a sucky feeling, because I had to adjust my entire everything, just to be cool about something I wanted to be giddy about.  As though being excited about life and possibilities is offensive. I also learned growing up, that it is. Being excited about life is offensive to the exact people who tell you not to get your hopes up, because THEY don’t want to get THEIR feelings hurt. Reasons may vary.   We’ve already discussed at some point that people can only view you through the same lens they see themselves. WE tell people to chill about their feelings of joy, passion, happy and excitement with life when we’ve given up on our own joy, passion, happy and excitement for varying reasons. We protect our ego, by attempting to diminish others. We’ve all done it. We’ve judged someone to feel mighty in … Continue reading

Saturday, April 5th, 2014

#GoodLuckPhilly Part 1 (It’s a series)

moving in

  Happy Friday! Hellooooo! Welcome to another winning week of awesome. Yay!   This week has been bustling, to say the very least. I’m almost at the finish line of completing the big edit of Book 2 of The Stellar Trilogy! Yay! (except, me no really like editing… gaaaaah!) But it’s almost over and I have help, so I’m kindof okay about it. We are on target for June 19, 2014 AND I’m planning a party for the release. Sort of. Maybe. We’ll see.   Also, on yesterday morning, I guest anchored on Good Day Philadelphia (!!!) Hone-tee. It was an amazing, awesome time to be had by all. Once I figure out how to pull all the footage from my DVR (cough), I’ll have some fun stuff to piece together and share via my YouTube channel. In the meantime, I have some fun pics of some great moments co-anchoring Philly’s fave Morning TV Show with Mike Jerrick. I made a kinda pictorial out of it, some pics can even be clicked and shall take you to the Fox 29 … Continue reading

Friday, March 21st, 2014

Happy Spring. CLEAN

marianne w

Happy Friday! This happens to be the 3rd Friday of March and so that means it’s time to chat cash. It also happens to be the second day of spring and so it’s time to talk spring cleaning. The two go, I promise.  Speaking of CLEAN. If you spend any amount of time anywhere near any of my social media happenings, you know that today is the last day of the first phase of a CLEANse I’m up to, by way of my version of Dr. Alejandro Junger’s CLEAN program. I had me a ball concocting all these McGyver style recipes off the top with ingredients I had on hand. Yes, I did this for a reason. The recipes I came up with have been so flavorful and interesting, I’ve decided to put together a 3 phase, 3 month really deep cleanse for those who are into gorgeous healthfulness. I’m always my own Guinea pig, so if I’m putting together the freshness, you know I’m doing it first, right? K. I’ll keep you posted. Until then, if you’re looking for a taste of … Continue reading

Friday, March 14th, 2014

What I Learned from Judging Bill O’Reilly


Happy Friday! I promised you a video today AND I’m a fan of under promising and over delivering. Today’s L.O.V.E. chat is totally based on not 1 but 2 videos, although neither of them star me. But at least one of them should. I promise it’s not the one that you think. Unless it’s the one that I’m talking about. K.  Video 2 (about Video 1): So. I’m not so easily botherable (as much) as I maybe used to be and so it took a few passes through my hippocampus for it to fully register that I was, in fact, actually pissed off at this person I do not know. This person’s name is Bill O’Reilly and I’m pissed at him for a few reasons. 1. He doesn’t like Beyonce’s song “Partition”–he thinks it glorifies sex AND sex in back seats of cars. 2. He feels that Beyonce’s song “Partition” is an inexplicable violation of Beyonce’s “role model” duty to children who don’t have parents. 3. He doesn’t understand how a song that glorifies sex and sex in back seats … Continue reading

Friday, March 7th, 2014

I’ve Given Up. Asking ‘How’.

photo (11)

  If I were to tell you all the things I had to do this week, I’m positive you wouldn’t believe me. It really was soooooo much, I was almost discouraged. I was like, there is totally zero way Imma be able to finish all this stuff by Friday AND upload a fresh blog post. Let’s not even mention ALLLLLL the stuff mommies have to do AND work too. Pffff.   Meanwhile, I’m also on day 7 of the first 21 days of a multi-month cleanse. I’m not always sure how I’m going to get from day to day when I’m the onliest one in my house detoxing and there’s my favorite kind of pizza floating around one day and General Tso’s chicken being passed across my face on other days– whilst I’m eating something dairy, gluten, sugar and processed free.   Earlier this week, over a plate of cheese flush lobster ravioli, Aubrei asked me if I wanted some.     “No thank you.” I said.  “I’m detoxing.”     She looked at me confused. “Don’t you like ravioli mommy?” … Continue reading

Friday, February 28th, 2014

How to Know When It’s Time to CLEAN


    This week has been particularly complicated for me. I’ve been doing the mental equivalent of  I-refuse-to-get-sick-Kung-Fu trying to keep my body from falling completely into the depths of whatever that is that happens when a cold is looming and the body aches start happening. Anyone who’s ever been at the brink between “I’m Okay” and “Oh, Ugh” knows what I mean. Trying to focus is like, “yeah right”. Needless to say, what started out as a “go hard or go home!” week, has shriveled into “OMG is it Friday already?” I’ve gotten about nada done this week, still don’t feel 100 percent and I have a pile of stuff to do. Which is actually stressing me out more than trying to work “sick”. Although, we’ll agree the end result would be the same. Not a whole lot worth mentioning.   But let me tell you how awesome life is. Even when you don’t wanna, life will put you in touch with reality. Par example. Through my personal non-battle with non-sickness AND my incessant belief that even I (being … Continue reading

Friday, February 21st, 2014

The Great American L.O.V.E. Story (The Money Series) Part 1


    *Dramatic movie trailer music*   Deep Voiced Announcer: In a world where money has been called the root of all evil… one brave soul is charged to step up to the money monster, sword in hand to slay the pocket dragon.   *Really cool graphics and effects of dragons with glistening ruby eyes and Jeffersons ($2 bills) for scales, gnashing their teeth and blowing out their treacherous fire breath.*   Deep Voiced Announcer: Our (S)Hero is gallant with her/his sword, but it appears as though the dragon is winning. That fire breath is scary… and hot. But our (S)Hero won’t be stopped by hot breath. S/he knows that this dragon is only treacherous because it’s misunderstood. S/he knows that s/he sees the dragon as a danger because s/he hasn’t yet learned that this so-called monster is actually a tool for something greater– for her/his life and the planet. How, you ask? Well you have to watch the movie It’s Not A Budget, It’s “Money Management” to find out.   *The words ‘COMING TO A BANK ACCOUNT REVIEW NEAR YOU’ … Continue reading

Friday, February 14th, 2014

The Power of ‘I CAN’.

I can yip

      This post almost didn’t get written. It’s not because I didn’t want to write it. If there is one thing you may know about me, I’m always writing. Always. But even though I had the concept of this post for some days now, divine mind took her ever loving time in sharing with me what was to be shared with you (that would also fall in direct line with my editorial schedule). Add to that, this week has been off the chain busy. I literally just walked in the house from a full day of work/travel. Plus, it’s St. Valentine’s Day. My body is telling me noooooooooo! But spirit now wants to talk about yeeeeeeees!. O__O.  A nap would be nice…   So. I met a girl. I did, I swear! But it’s not what you think. I was sitting on a bench via the Suburban Station (in Philly) train platform (waiting for my train) with probably THEE biggest, giddiest smile on my face. Why? Because I had just left the most validatingly awesome meeting in my … Continue reading