Consent Explained for the Dense, yet Oppressed


You are a Black man, correct?


Your life is valuable, correct?


Does your life have more value if you’re wearing a suit?


What about when you’re wearing a hoodie?

Still the same value.

Don’t you wish some white folk would get that? That what you’re wearing should not be the reason a crime is committed against you–like death–because of an outfit? Like you deserve whatever you get… because you were wearing a hoodie? Ain’t that crazy?

Of course it’s crazy.

Then why do you continue to do it to women, because, outfits? Dress how you want to be addressed–ain’t that right Rev Run? So an outfit justifies a crime? And no, it ain’t different.

No. An outfit doesn’t justify a crime.

Exactly. So stop treating women the way YOU don’t want to be treated. Got it?


Great. Bye.