My Birthday Reflections

In a few precious moments, I will be upon another born day and by design, another year of my precious life. I rarely tell my age out loud, and I really have no intention of doing so here–a diva never tells her age, pimpin. However, I do want to share with you a few reflections of things I’ve learned over the course of the past year.


First– Love is what makes us all tick. It doesn’t matter who you have love for or how far you are apart. If you don’t have love in your life, you walk around numb like a droopy lip after novacaine. It is important that when you find love, you give it all that you have and grow it like it’s a seedling plant. Give it sun and water and a whole lot of fun, so that it will grow and bare delicious fruit, which will eventually plant seeds of it’s own, as plants are designed to do.


Second– Give more than you expect in return. The more you give to life itself, the more life you ultimately have to live. Give as if your very life depends on it. We are all designed to be abundant beings and yet the lot of us constantly live our lives in lack. As though we don’t have enough of anything we want. Giving sets off a universal vibration of abundance. The more you give of your time, energy, resources, knowledge, wisdom, love, kindness and the like, the more you realize you actually have.


Third– Appreciate all the blessings in your life already. Gratitude is the single greatest gift you can give to yourself on any given day. Do your lungs work? Does your heart beat? Do your eyes see? Do your legs walk? Can you think straight? Do you feel okay? Do you have a roof over your head? Do you have food to eat? If you have only some of these things, believe, there is someone out there in the world who has even less that you think you have. And there is someone else who has even less and is abundantly grateful. Give thanks every single day for all things you already have and all the needs of yours that are already being met. Be thankful also for the things you know someday you will gain, as though they are already in your life. And then give thanks that the people in the world who do not have all the things you have are having their needs met as well. Always want for the world, what you want for yourself.


Fourth– We are all connected. People we like. People we can’t stand. People we know in passing. People we have never seen before. We are all connected by a divine presence and we all serve a greater purpose in each other’s lives. every action we make effects and affects someone else that we may never meet. Make each action, one of love, compassion and understanding, not of rage, anger or hate.


Fifth– Every moment is perfect. Every person is perfect. Every situation is perfect. Every interaction is perfect. Even when it doesn’t seem like it is. We’re late for work. We’re frustrated by any number of things. We come in contact with an asshole. We have no idea where we’re going. If your realize that every moment is perfect and every situation we face is perfect, we become more open to enjoy it. To smell the roses and see what’s really going on around us. We’ll see opportunities at every corner of our lives. There are no accidents. There are no mistakes. There are only experiences to live in, learn and grow from, evolve past and find joy in. There is always a reason for every single thing we experience. Even if it doesn’t seem like it at the time.

We chose to be here. We chose the parents we would be born to. we chose this place in time to live in. we chose the circumstances we’re in now and we chose the path we’ll take on our journey to whatever we were designed to be here to complete. Once you understand that everything in your life is yours by design, you can choose also to change it or make it greater. We all have a purpose. We all have a blueprint. The only thing you must do to live it, is to sit in silence, see it and then be it. It really is that simple and that hard. Everything you need to be who you’re designed to be is already within you. All of your answers to your hardest life questions, you already have the answers to. YOU are your greatest life evolving tool.


And Finally…Seventh– Forgiveness AND Acceptance. Learn to forgive. Forgiveness seems like a mushy, weak thing to do, but forgiving someone who may have wronged you, forgiving circumstances that may not make sense to you. Forgiving yourself for making unevolved choices. Whatever is laying on you right now, if you learn to forgive you will find your freedom. Forgiveness is actually the most selfish and the most selfless tool in your spiritual arsenal. Try it. Daily. Accept. People are who they are because that’s who they are. Who are we to try to change somebody because we see something in them they can’t yet see in themselves. Accept and embrace the people around you for who they are in general and what you have gained by their being in your life. People’s unique qualities are a blessing. Embrace them. accept them. Enjoy them. Acceptance can save your life and free you from a whole lot of pettiness.


If there is any one thing I have learned this year beyond the above seven it would be to believe with all your heart that everything you want is yours already. The fact that you even desire it is a divine accomplishment. It means it’s possible and that there are things that must be birthed through you, for you to accomplish what you desire. Don’t give up. Don’t be afraid to start over or start where you are. Fredrick Douglass once said– throw down your buckets where you stand. Whatever you dream for your life, you can achieve–if only you believe. That about sums this whole post up.


I’ve come to experience all of these things through a whirlwind year filled with all kinds of things. Some of them seemed like trials until I got through them. Some of them seemed like successes until I lived past them. All of them were learning experiences and opportunities for my evolution and growth that will take me through to another adventure filled year. I would not be exactly as I am today, had it not been for every person who’s come into my life and everything I’ve experienced in every moment of this year I have lived. For this, I am abundantly grateful. I thank you for being a part of it all. I look forward to another year of so much more for each of us to share, learn and grow from. Think of this as my birthday gift to you…


The moral of this story? I can’t call it. Just some food for thought. Thank you for reading this though. Peace and abundant “born year and birthday reflections” blessings! Love, -e-