David and Goliath–A Girl’s Tale

There are so many things on my mind on this particular night, I think I’ve reached a point where my head might could explode. For sake of clarity however, I’m thinking I’ll stick with the thing most pressing on my mind today–besides the fact that it’s the first day of spring and the coldest day of the week. Boooooo.


A good friend of mine got fired today. In part for being a woman with stong skills in making her point of view known, but in part for simply being a very talented woman in a very insecure male driven industry.


I mention this because I worry for women in entertainment a lot. As many strides as we’ve made over the years to put ourselves in places of power by our own “super woman” desire to be more than arm candy in a male ego driven world, it seems as though for all our strides, there is always some little man with a little mind, and a ginourmous ego who can’t take what he dishes from a powerful and spirited woman. To be clear, that shit pisses me off.


I think about the era my mother grew up in, where women were expected to aspire to stay at home mom bliss and were expected to encourage their daughters to aspire to the same. It would make my life so much easier– is what my mom would say. I didn’t buy it. I’m a woman…hear me roar and make moves and make waves and blaze trails and inevitably get fired by a little man with a big ego–every single time.


I feel so much for my sister friend because I have been where she is. Unafraid to speak up because if I didn’t, no one else would. Male people in industry seem to be much better at not stepping on little man ego toes, mostly because they’re better at blatant avoidance, I suppose.


This, my friends, is the reason I decided to go into business for myself. With as many female voices in the industry, there are still too few in places of enough power that the standard of the little man ego has changed much. It’s such a shame when these Napoleonic miscreants can call all shots and make talentless emotional decisions, simply in an attempt to keep us girls in our supposed place. (sigh). Like the famous bible tale about the boy with the rock that cracked the giant upside the head and killed him, we women are on the come up. Our rock is our our talent and perseverence and the giant is actually just a little man we could probably take with out need of the rock at all. (maybe some vaseline though cause the shorter they are the more they probably like to scratch).


One thing I do know and have known for a long time–No man is your friend. No man is your enemy. Every man is your teacher. I have come to believe when super women get fired while they’re on top, it’s because they’ve scaled as high up the little hill as they can, and it’s time to conquer the mountain. Feel me?


For all my sister friends going through it right now…Keep your head up ladies, what may look like a crisis is actually the universe telling you that you’re ready for you’re greatest opportunity. Take it. Make history. Just like we always do.

The moral to this story? As usual, I haven’t one. Just some food for thought. Thank you for reading this though. Blessings. -e-