Taking Deeper Breaths

StarsNotes #88

Heyyyyyy you.  You good? I’m glad you’re here. I’m here too.  I love you. Today is my anniversary!

My hubby Freeman and I have been married 3 years today. We’re in two different towns, in two different states, doing two different kinds of work. It’s interesting how we got here. It’s reflective of the big, hairy audacious goals and intentions we have for ourselves individually and as a unit. It began, maybe, with taking deeper breaths.

Did you ever notice that a full breath must include an inhale and an exhale? Of course you did, mostly because if you only inhaled or only exhaled —you couldn’t possibly be reading this. 😉

But did you ever think about how brilliant a full breath actually is?

Think about how many times a day you do it without effort (I’m taking into account here that some may not be so lucky with easy breathing—please forgive the liberties I’m taking with this note.)
The idea that I’m putting forth is that in order to live, we breathe. And a full breath includes BOTH an inhale and an exhale. We don’t know allllllll the components of what we’re breathing in.  We presume it’s mostly air. :/
If we’re sciency—we presume to know that air is made up of 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen + other gases. We presume when air quality is good, we breath easier. And we presume to know that plants and trees and other sentient vegetals inhale the stuff we exhale out, so we can inhale the stuff they exhale out.

It’s circulation.

Air, as it is, is a form of currency. We’re millionaires when it comes to air. Presently. If we desire to take deeper breaths, we certainly can–and do! We never think, really, about running out. Not really. Not now.

But Envy.
Air is infinite.
Money is not. It’s value is secured by it’s “scarcity”. Like diamonds. Nobody would want diamonds if EVERYBODY could have them.


Is that the actual truth? Or is it what you were taught to believe? And who benefits by that mind wave? Just curious.

So much of what we’re taught about having and using money is revolved around contraction. Tightening our lungs so we’re more fiscally “responsible” with the air we’ve got coming in. Some of us are literally choking to death and others don’t bat an eye about it because the way we “breathe” about money has been set in plaster and we believe it –because that’s the way the pillagers designed the world we’re in now. Bleh. 

But what if the task at hand for us is expansion. Practicing our lungs to take in more air? Taking Bigger, fuller, more robust breaths. Having bigger, more hairy and audacious goals and believing without blinking that we are worthy of them. For us, and for the greater good.

As we continue to look out into the world that seems rife with fuckery—violence, insolence, fear, doubt, worry, weird people clamoring for power, weirder people clamoring for artillery—the folk who spew their weird ideas about other peoples’ humanity and right to exist, let alone thrive
                                —it all seems so breathless doesn’t it?

But why?

Maybe it’s because they’re not taking deep enough breaths.

Maybe, in our individual lives and businesses and communities, we aren’t either. 

And that, Star fam, is what we’re exploring tonight with some of my favoritest people who live on this planet. Who also happen to be brilliant business people.

Husband of 3 years, Freeman Davis is stopping through to talk about the leap he took to expand his lungs toward deeper breathing in starting his business. Richelle Payne, our Dean of Spiritual PR shall be joining us in the WuWu Core Crew as a business owner and one who works with business owners. AND as a special treat “The Black Business Queen”, Regina A. Hairston, President and CEO of the African American Chamber of Commerce of PA, NJ and DE shalt be joining us to tell us what the vote to advance the vote on BIRT (Business Income Receipts Tax) and Income tax reforms means for Black and Brown Businesses and their desire to take much deeper breaths.                We ALL are millionaires. 

“Most people fail in life not because they aim too high and miss, but because they aim too low and hit.”

Les Brown

Also, as you’re listening to tonight’s class and you have your journal, pen (and 3 frens) handy– here’s your journaling prompt(s):

  • What’s your money story? What have you been telling yourself about money lately? Do you feel breathless? Do you trust yourself with money? What about googobs of it?
  • Write a thank you letter to your debt–serious. Write down at least 10 things that debt has brought into your life (besides more bills) Think expansion! Think the things you were able to do with it! Helping family! Getting an education! Buying a house! Gorgeous shoes! Food on the table! Say thank you for each one. Then write this down: ” To erase debt, focus on expanding, not shrinking” -Rachel Rodgers.

There are no wrong answers– and if you feel so generous, I’d love to hear your point of view– you can respond to this email or send it seperate to hiSOULhi@envymckeeshow.com. 

It’s All big. You can listen live with this link and/or on the WURD App. We’re on the FB Live and Twitch tonight also. Yay!

Per usual, in EVERY single thing we do, the intention is transformation. And well moisturized legs.