Earth Werk.

Earth Werk is tricky work.

The trickiest. Each of us, supposedly,  are here to learn something and to grow ourselves. We’re also here to teach something and give of our gifts, talents and capacities. But we don’t do it by ourselves. We have to do whatever WERK we’re here to do, whilst also managing and/or navigating (read: hide from) the idiosyncrasies of other people–who don’t oft share our goals. Just like school.

Earth school.

It feels like that sometimes doesn’t it?  With all our cliques, dress codes and popularity contests. We oft share life classrooms with beings who are persistently trying to find themselves or pretend they are something other than themselves or figure themselves out. Some classmates are perpetrating the same traumas that were perpetrated on them. Some are just mean. Or gross. Or dilly AF. Some are in arrested development. Some only care about gym. Or selfies. Or sex. Some seem to be stuck in remedial kindness classes, while others couldn’t pass a generosity, empathy, mindfulness OR a compassion class if this incarnation depended on it. Even when all the tests are open book. If we’re graded on a curve (which I’m not sure if we are) some folk seem to be failing Earth school horribly and for no other reason than they’re just not applying themselves. And if they are, they seem to be doing it in the exact opposite direction of the whole point of Earth School–learning progressively to be better humans. If that’s the point. *sigh*

Speaking of open books, I just finished reading a rather heady tome called Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives by Michael Newton, PhD (Dr. N). Dr. N was a hypnotherapist that specialized in Past Life Regression Therapy. I know–stay with me tho. He said in the book intro that his practice evolved (from whatever regular hypnotherapists do) into a more spiritual endeavor “by accident” when he found that he could take his clients beyond merely learning about their past lives to solve phantom pains and plagues and such. Through hypnosis, he was able to help his clients connect with the “spirit realm”– the place we all go after each of our Earth lives have culminated–and interview them through their process. In doing this, he assisted them in exploring their current lives with more meaning, recognize their true eternal nature and their inter-connectedness with EVERYONE. Plus, get to know their spirit “guides” and eliminate their fear of death and perhaps, the unknown in general. Plus, plus, other stuff I’m skipping over to keep this letter light. You’re welcome. 🙂

While the book is heady, it’s also quite the mind-opener. It’s also very much like reading or listening to a play (I do recommend the audiobook version). The interviews move quickly and Dr. N is good about breaking down why he asked specific questions in some cases and adding interesting tidbits related to his studies in others. What makes this work even more compelling is that Dr. N fashioned himself as a steadfast atheist prior to endeavoring between lives. His rigorous questions are perfectly skeptical. Perfectly.  He plays zero games with the airy-fairy or the woo woo. His follow up questions are the stuff of legend. Alas, if he were still on this side of the veil, he’d be the kind of reporter we need right now. I’ll digress tho.

Reading Journey has both expanded my awareness and confuddled me a bit. I’ve been looking more closely at the people whose paths I’ve been crossing lately. Would we be cool in the spirit realm? Have we shared a life cycle together already? Who is in my soul cluster? Have I met them all in this Earth go round or more soon come? What’s my spirit guides’ name(s)? Am I one? I’ve also been taking a much deeper look at my own work on this planet so far–recognizing that I wrote three books that speak to just about everything in Dr. N’s opus. Only, my version of events is *cough* fiction.


Prayerfully, if you’re into it, you’ll check out Journey of Souls and the sequel, Destiny of Souls. They both make for some interesting pre-summer reading. I checked mine out through my local library via the Hoopla app. It’s dope.

Which brings us back to Earth school. I’ll be honest, my hope in sharing this is a little selfish. Remedial kindness, generosity and compassion classes shouldn’t be a thing. Maybe they aren’t really a thing, but you get my point. We are to be the thermostat, not the thermometer. We’re supposed to treat people the way we want to experience them, right? So. like, if more of us understood that we are a part of a really, really divine design, and we aren’t just born to flap around this life all willy nilly–

That…we’re here to take care of each other.

That… we actually have a purpose on this planet that is valuable to the whole.

That… we’re all going to get this. No soul left behind.

Maybe each of us would start taking our Earth school classes more seriously and apply ourselves more–and help each other–to be progressively better humans. If that’s the point. Especially, if we’re being graded on a curve. Bleh. What does the world need?